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MedAngle Brand Assets

We're glad you're interested in MedAngle! We have a couple of points to take note of when using our name and or logo. Find everything you need to know right here.

The name.

Our name is one word: MedAngle (with a capital M and A — it does matter 😉)

The logo.

Our logo can be used as the icon on its own, or it can be combined with our name spelled out.

We provide a variety of formats of our logo for your convenience.

Download MedAngle Logo (SVG) Download MedAngle Logo (PDF) Download MedAngle Logo (PNG-24) Download MedAngle Logo + Text (Black) (SVG)

The colors.

Our colors tell a story, as there is a distinct progression and order. We start with Red, which indicates a deficiency, a pathology, something wrong. Next is Blue, indicating an intermediate intervention stage to alleviate the initial issue. Green is the final resolution stage, where all is well again.



Cornflower Blue


De York