MedAngle Brand Assets

We're glad you're interested in MedAngle! We have a couple of points to take note of when using our name and or logo. Find everything you need to know right here.

The name.

Our name is one word: MedAngle (with a capital M and A — it does matter 😉)

The logo.

Our logo can be used as the icon on its own, or it can be combined with our name spelled out.

The colors.

Born from human biology, our colors tell a story – a distinct progression and order. We start with Red, which indicates a deficiency, a pathology, something wrong. Next is Blue, indicating an intermediate intervention stage to alleviate the initial issue. Green is the final resolution stage, where all is well again.



Cornflower Blue


De York



Universal / MBBS / MD

MedAngle Dental


MedAngle Pre-Medical