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We're empowering future doctors to learn better today, for a healthier and happier tomorrow.

At MedAngle, we're building something that students love using for their medical education. From learning foundational future concepts to solving questions, navigating clinical cases and everything in between. Our work and contributions are making medical school simpler, and that's why working at MedAngle is so rewarding. Your work directly empowers the doctors of tomorrow and empowers them for the future.

The human body is the same across the globe. Medical students throughout the world face many challenges and go through significant amounts of stress throughout the various stages involved in becoming a doctor. We're transforming the entire experience by introducing innovation to make the process more efficient, more fun, and more simple.

We hire and select for potential just as much as previous experience. We believe in learning through action and meaningful collaboration. The best classroom, quite simply, is the world that we live in. Join us to work with an enthusiastic & wonderful team that is solving meaningful problems and taking on unique challenges that will define the future of medical education and medical intelligence.

Our mission is guided by fundamental principles that drive our mission of revolutionizing medical education along with building the future of medical intelligence – and a happier and healthier world.


Whether it's with each other, family, friends, strangers, or anyone really – we believe being genuine is the best and only policy. In all of our dealings and interactions.


We greatly value the ability to solve difficult problems or create solutions that are rooted in original, clever, and inventive thinking. The contrary is the future.


Adapting easily to any arena, situation or scenario is something we pride ourselves on, no matter what the constraints are.


With one, we can go fast. With some, we can go far.
Together, we will make history.


It all comes down to this: How do we empower our future healthcare professionals, and leave the world a happier and healthier place?

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Artificial Intelligence

To build the future of medical education, we're applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to challenges and opportunities across MedAngle.


At MedAngle, our mission is to empower the future doctors of tomorrow. Educating the next generation requires attention to detail, care, empathy, knowledge, and skill.

& Sales

We tell the stories of our customers, our community and our team to improve their lives and empower them for the future along with helping them embrace the future of medical education.


MedAngle design is known for its passionate pursuit of beautiful, functional and intelligent user experiences that are powering the ideas of today and the future.

& Data Science

Data can lead to magical moments. We strive to deliver the most intelligent insights for our community and future doctors.

Social Media

We strive to work anywhere and wherever our community members may be. We engage global interconnects to drive awareness, education, and connection with the world.


Technology is at the heart of MedAngle. We believe in and invest in technology that powers the MedAngle experience and takes it further each day.

& Operations

We empower our community and our team to do revolutionary and meaningful work that will have grand impacts on the future.