May 20, 2022

MedAngle announces MedAngle Middle East on its 5th birthday, starting with United Arab Emirates

DUBAI / KARACHI – MedAngle today on its 5th birthday officially announced the MedAngle Middle East team, which will operate as a team of top medical students and doctors who believe in the historic MedAngle vision of never-before-seen revolutionary technology and personalization applied to medical and dental schools all around the world.

"When I started MedAngle 5 years ago, it was just me and ultimately, my desire and vision for a better future where we empower the next generation of doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide. That vision started in Chicago along with Karachi and is now shared by our immensely talented team that is comprised of top merit and the highest caliber medical students and doctors from all over Pakistan, and now we're bringing that same threshold of requirements to our new MedAngle Middle East team. What's even more amazing is the fact that we've never really done any kind of marketing or advertising in the Middle East, yet we have had a large number of customers and future doctors reach out to us over the years asking us to bring our platform and launch it for their medical schools in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and virtually all other countries in the Middle Eastern region." said Dr. Mohammad Azib, Founder, CEO & CTO, MedAngle, on the occasion.

The MedAngle Middle East team will be led by Sabila Siddiqui, country head UAE, who will be reporting to Dr. Mohammad Azib, Founder, MedAngle. The MedAngle Middle East team has already seen applications from hundreds of medical students and doctors who desire to bring about revolution within the region and beyond. MedAngle's acceptance rate continues to be under 1%, and the inaugural team is comprised of top individuals hailing from medical schools and universities including Dubai Medical College, Mohammed Bin Rashid University Of Medicine and Health Sciences, the University Of Sharjah, Gulf Medical University, and Ajman University.

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