March 8, 2020

MedAngle celebrates International Women's Day 2020

MedAngle from the early days has had some outstanding women become part of our journey and team, ultimately leaving their marks permanently on the foundations and history of our organization.

MedAngle recognizes each and every single one of the women who have contributed their energy, love and passion for our vision of revolutionizing the future of medical education and making it more easy, more fun and much more simple for our future doctors.

MedAngle announced six individuals today to receive a certificate of appreciation, and they are as listed below:

Manahil Akmal
Hamna Hasan
Areeba Minhaj
Arwa Rahim
Sakina Abbas
Uroob Saifullah

MedAngle is an educational platform dedicated to making medical school simpler for our future doctors by allowing students to learn, understand, practice and revise in a manner that is easier, more fun, and more efficient. Questions and queries can be directed to [email protected]

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