June 27, 2023

MedAngle names Dr. Dima Saleh as Editor & Manager, Medical Education, MedAngle Middle East

DUBAI | CHICAGO — MedAngle today named Dr. Dima Saleh as Editor and Manager, Medical Education, MedAngle Middle East, and will be reporting to Dr. Mohammad Azib, Founder, CEO & CTO, and President, MedAngle and Dr. Manahil Akmal, Executive Editor-in-Chief, & Head of Education, MedAngle.

With this appointment, Dima will be responsible for all activities and processes that pertain to key initiatives of MedAngle's educational platforms and associated projects.

“Working with Dima has truly been a pleasure. Her keen attention to detail and a high-level understanding of our guidelines and standards have always stood out to me. She’s brilliant, friendly, and is an inspiration for all of us.” said Dr. Manahil Akmal, Executive Editor-in-Chief and Head of Education, MedAngle on the occasion.

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