May 12, 2022

MedAngle promotes Asma Ashraf to Manager, Marketing

KARACHI — MedAngle today promoted Asma Ashraf to Manager, Marketing and will be reporting directly to Umer Hayat, Director of Marketing.

"Asma has been a young stalwart since her early days in MedAngle, quickly rising as a fierce, fiery and loyal talent that has made significant contributions to the culture of MedAngle and of course, a wide variety of marketing related efforts. I have no doubt the future is immensely bright for her and look forward to seeing how she adapts and adjusts into this new important role to ultimately drive our mission and vision to new heights to realize our vision of revolutionizing medical education in Pakistan and beyond." said Dr. Mohammad Azib, Founder, CEO & CTO, MedAngle on the occasion.

"We love having her, and she is someone I am very happy we invested in and took a chance on. She has performed exceptionally well, and is in a league of her own when compared to peers of her context."

With this appointment, Asma will be leading important marketing initiatives of MedAngle with regards to MBBS/MD marketing, and will hold ultimate responsibility for the aforementioned experiences, initiatives and projects that fall within this respective scope.

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