June 30, 2023

MedAngle promotes Nawal Khan to Editor-in-Chief

CHICAGO — MedAngle today named Nawal Khan as Editor-in-Chief, MedAngle, who will be reporting to Dr. Manahil Akmal, Executive Editor-in-Chief, & Head of Education, MedAngle.

Nawal Khan becomes the second ever Editor-in-Chief in MedAngle's storied history, and becomes the first to ascend to this position outside of Sindh, Pakistan.

With this appointment, Nawal will be ultimately responsible for all activities and processes that pertain to key initiatives of MedAngle's educational platforms and associated projects, with particular respect to medical and dental initiatives, including others as well.

"Nawal has grown tremendously over the last 2 years and her career trajectory at MedAngle is one that I’m extremely proud of. She has consistently showcased her leadership skills by spearheading important initiatives and projects in her role as Junior Editor and then Editor. Nawal continues to inspire her colleagues with her incredible work ethic and stellar consistency. I’m beyond excited to see her grow even further in this new role and delve deeper into advancing our educational platforms." said Dr. Manahil Akmal, Head of Education and Executive Editor-in-Chief, MedAngle on the occasion.

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