July 23, 2022

MedAngle selects Areesha Moiz Alvi and Sahil Kumar as first ever MedAngle Campus Presidents

KARACHI – MedAngle named Areesha Moiz Alvi and Sahil Kumar as its first ever Campus Presidents in a historic moment for the innovative MedAngle CAP (Campus Ambassador/Associate Program) during its Regional Campus Associates Event for Sindh (Pakistan) on the 23rd of July for their 2022 term.

Campus President is a new, top echelon position that demonstrates an individual's level of ambition, commitment, dedication, execution, innovation, and passion for the MedAngle Vision, which is to build the world's first Smart Spectrum of medical education and medical intelligence. Ms. Alvi and Mr. Kumar were named Campus Presidents out of more than 1,750 worldwide Campus Associates at MedAngle, the first such naming in MedAngle history.

Areesha and Sahil hail from Dow Medical College and Sindh Medical College respectively, both of which are located in Sindh, Pakistan.

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